Welcome to biotIP

Focusing on the development of intellectual property, we have the experience to realise the bio-sensor and bio-chip device technologies that you’re looking for.

Specialising in lab-on-chip and micro total analysis systems, (uTAS), we are able to develop research solutions using only picolitres of a given sample. We develop custom-made systems with excellent performance according to your requirements.

Alongside, we have also developed tools and methods that can be widely exploited in electrochemistry and chemical/biosensor research and development.

Feel free to browse our Tools and Products page for products manufactured using reliable, cutting-edge and commercially viable printed circuit board (PCB) technology. We provide highly reproducible gold electrodes for electrochemical sensor development overwhelmingly superior to any available screen-printed technology.

By designing your sensor on a PCB substrate, you are taking the first step toward commercialisation of your final, integrated biochip product. This subtle choice in the manufacturing technology you select for your research, we believe provides a considerable step towards the commercialisation of any subsequent product and the impact you can make.

If you want expertise in bio device and lab-on-a-chip technology, please give biotIP a call – we’ve got some great ideas!